Signals and membranes merge and change. Brains float in space, surrounded by unintelligible flashing advertisements. Creeping flickers linger around the edges. Pixels in a campfire purr with satisfaction, while a fleet of caterpillars crawls across the screen. I make drawings to envision these phenomena as they occur. A lot of my visual memories are pixel-based, and screens now claim a lot of real estate on my optic nerve. I generate drawings in a pixel graphics program, use my PC to record myself drawing, and playback the recordings to grow the drawings. I experiment to reverse engineer auto-fill algorithms and glitches that arise from processing images. The work I've included in this portfolio is a series of screenprints and one sculpture made from these drawings, executed over the past three years. The translation from a bitmap of pixels to screened stencils maintains the hard edges from the drawings. I print with inks that are visually active: florescent colors, interference pigments, surface effects, and metal leaf. The final work is a physical representation somewhere between a microscopic view of the cornea and the screen of your phone, of what happens right after you close your eyes.