Salon VII

Caleb Nussear and Lauren Comito present Salon VII at a brownstone apartment in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  This event brought together the work of visual artists Alex Oleksyn and Amber Heaton, and featured a performance by dancer and choreographer Marielis Garcia.  

Amber Heaton's practice draws inspiration from patterns found in nature. In her most recent installation she uses the Fibonacci Sequence, which resonates in every aspect of life, from the circadian rhythm of the human body to the revolution of the Earth around the sun. The installation creates a play between two diametrically opposed visual representations of the Fibonacci Sequence. This visualization is expressed simultaneously through the incremental wall painting and lines drawn through space using colored threads.

Alex Oleksyn's meticulous wall drawing explores the corner of a room that contains two adjacent doorways. His mark-making explores the indexicality of the human hand framed against the architectural elements of the interior of a room. Each mark made by the artist's hand is retraced and strengthened by subsequent mark-making, creating a path and thus completing a gesture.

Marielis Garcia presented an advance version of her upcoming performance Punct during the Salon. This performance brings the viewer's attention to the sum of the parts of the body that make up the whole of a human being. Through vocalization, identification, and finally, collaboration the viewer's is enlisted as a co-participant.


These installations will be on exhibit through the end of February 2018. For more information or for a viewing contact or