Present Bodies

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Present Bodies

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 26th, 2017, 6:00-9:00pm

Gallery Brunch & Studio Tour: Saturday, October 28th, 2017, 1:00 - 4:00pm [RSVP here]

Location: Ribuoli Digital, 526 West 26th Street, 10th Fl, Suite 1001 & 1021, New York, NY 10001

Present Bodies, curated by Lauren Comito, brings together the talents of both emerging and established artists and highlights editions produced by Ribuoli Digital. The exhibition features prints, editions and unique works by artists: Tauba Auerbach, El Anatsui, David Byrne, Lisa Di Donato, Stefan Gunn, Jean-Pierre Hébert, Amber Heaton, Eric Juth, Jennifer Mahlman, Caleb Nussear, Beverly Semmes, Do Ho Suh and Amanda Thackray. This exhibition is organized in conjunction with New York Print Week. Exhibition programming includes an opening reception on Thursday evening and an exhibition brunch and studio tour on Saturday afternoon.

These artists are brought together by their interest in the persistent resonance of the body -- as seen in a collection of quotidian objects, discarded material/data, patterns found in nature and architectural blueprints -- a body expressed either through its presence or absence. For these artists a body can refer to a physical structure in which the sum of its parts equals an organic, greater whole. It may also act as a vessel which gives a physical form and framework to data sets, so that these abstract networks can be better grasped.

The body is a permeable and absorbent structure that ingests information by means of experience and through the environment. The organs, systems and tissues that make up our physical bodies express a reflexive mimesis with the larger socio-political structures in which we reside. At its core, the genesis of a body stems from a simple, natural geometry that recursively builds in complexity and pattern, a flare plane that folds.

Ribuoli Digital is a collaborative fine art studio creating innovative original artists’ projects, editions and specialty books. With a primary focus on experimentation and hybrid print techniques, the studio specializes in combining traditional printmaking processes with digital technologies. Master printers, Andre Ribuoli and Jennifer Mahlman have developed a multidisciplinary approach, utilizing a full range of digital and traditional media to produce the highest quality individualized projects. Along with fabricating projects for artists, galleries, publishers, museums and other arts organizations, Ribuoli Digital also publishes editions with select mid-career and emerging artists.

Lauren Comito, an artist and curator based in New York City, is spearheading the inaugural year of LRC Studios LLC. LRC Studios specializes in art advisory projects with a focus on building and managing individual and corporate art collections. Comito’s mission is to showcase emerging artists and create expanded opportunities to independent artists and the galleries that support them.

For more information contact Lauren Comito at


Gallery Hours

Thursday, 10/26, 6:00 - 9:00pm

Friday, 10/27, 1:00 – 8:00pm

Saturday, 10/28, 12:00 – 8:00pm

Sunday, 10/29, 1:00 – 6:00pm

Salon VII

Caleb Nussear and Lauren Comito present Salon VII at a brownstone apartment in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  This event brought together the work of visual artists Alex Oleksyn and Amber Heaton, and featured a performance by dancer and choreographer Marielis Garcia.  

Amber Heaton's practice draws inspiration from patterns found in nature. In her most recent installation she uses the Fibonacci Sequence, which resonates in every aspect of life, from the circadian rhythm of the human body to the revolution of the Earth around the sun. The installation creates a play between two diametrically opposed visual representations of the Fibonacci Sequence. This visualization is expressed simultaneously through the incremental wall painting and lines drawn through space using colored threads.

Alex Oleksyn's meticulous wall drawing explores the corner of a room that contains two adjacent doorways. His mark-making explores the indexicality of the human hand framed against the architectural elements of the interior of a room. Each mark made by the artist's hand is retraced and strengthened by subsequent mark-making, creating a path and thus completing a gesture.

Marielis Garcia presented an advance version of her upcoming performance Punct during the Salon. This performance brings the viewer's attention to the sum of the parts of the body that make up the whole of a human being. Through vocalization, identification, and finally, collaboration the viewer's is enlisted as a co-participant.


These installations will be on exhibit through the end of February 2018. For more information or for a viewing contact or 

Studio Visit with Cora Cohen

I had the pleasure of visiting Cora Cohen’s studio in Long Island City last month. Cora showed me a series of new paintings most of which bore titles relating to spatial instructions: Orient, In Front/Behind, Space/Position. There were a few paintings given the title “lateral meander” which I found especially curious. When viewing these particular paintings the viewer experiences a shift in orientation and perspective. At first glance you perceive the image as existing across and through when suddenly you realize that you may also be looking at something from above. As you experience the larger picture you delve into an intimate moment. Lateral meander suggests a continuation of a path outside the borders of the painting. It also implies an evolution of a path that changes over time.

Lateral - moving side to side.

Meander – to follow a winding course.

Here is my account of a painting titled Space/Position seen above.

A stain presents a form as a map. A line provides a meandering path around and through the form. A form is an image captured at a particular time. The line is durational and may in turn into a trace to reiterate the underlying form. A form is a line that travels on a path. 

Interior thought: an experience leaves an impression or imprint onto our consciousness. The eye observes and the mind captures and later recalls this imprint as a series of forms and lines. 

For more information about Cora Cohen visit her website


Discussion on painter Florine Stettheimer

Last night the Jewish Museum presented a discussion on the artist Florine Stettheimer. It was an excellent talk that included artists Jutta Koether, Cecily Brown, Nick Mauss and art historian Emmelyn Butterfield-Rosen. Each person provided a unique personal account of Stettheimer's work. Nick Mauss opened the discussion discussing the prismatic effects of Stettheimer's work. He drew on the complexity of the optical qualities of her paintings that creates a sort of choreographer for the viewers eye. Your eye is subjected to a type of dance around the painting. Cecily Brown drew on comparisons between Stettheimer's paintings and the work of 16th Century Flemish painter Pieter Bruegal.  Brown reflects on her insistence to tip up the picture plane and to exhibit a variety of small intimate moments/roles within a greater scene. Emmelyn addressed the robust symbolism and embedded social commentary in Stettheimers work; a Christmas tree on fire or a Spring Sale at Bendel’s department store. She unapologetically presents her environment as she has come to understand it. Her paintings provide insight into what life was like in New York during the roaring twenties and reflects on the birth of consumerism. Florine Stettheimer: Painting Poetry is on view at the Jewish Museum until September 24th, 2017. 

Studio Visit with Kimo Nelson

I had the pleasure of visiting with painter Kimo Nelson who is based in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to his studio practice Kimo spent over 15 years as a rafting tour guide on the Colorado River. Reflecting on his time spent out west, Nelson's paintings create a tension between expansive landscape and abstraction. To see more of Kimo's work visit his website. This summer Kimo will have his first solo exhibition at Danese Corey Gallery. I can't wait to see the show!


NYC Creative Salon

This past April I was invited by the NYC Creative Salon to moderate a discussion on the topic of Structure. In thinking about this topic I asked the following artists to participate: Amy Brenner, Ala Dehghan, Mary Jones, Eleanor King, Steve Pestana, and Brian Zegeer. This proved to be a fantastic dialog that took a meandering path. Check out the audio from our dialog here. Thank you so much Pia and the NYC Creative Salon for the invitation.