LRC Studios assists individuals and companies to begin, build, and manage their art collection.

LRC Studios is based in New York, NY



In the workplace

The benefits of art residing in the workplace are often underestimated. Not only does art have the ability to make a statement about the company but it enlivens employees and contributes to a healthier work environment. Art has been proven to boost creativity, motivate, and relieve stress in the workplace.


For your home

Build or manage your art collection at home, whether you want to find a centerpiece that engages in a particular discourse or curate a dynamic installation of work throughout your home. Living with artwork is one of the best ways to experience art. 

What are the benefits of an art collection?


Whether you are collecting art to reside in a workplace or a home, the benefits of art are greatly underestimated. Art always makes a statement whether it is in the home or office. Great works of art are contemplative and inspire creativity and dialog. 



Learn about art venues in New York City 


New York City has a vibrant art scene: there are a variety of gallery districts, museums, and lectures offered on any given day. Our advisors will arrange for individualized gallery tours and museum visits.